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Digital info board for groups

Share information and send instant notifications to unlimited number of subscribers.

See how it works

Subscribe to a board

Download our free app and enter board password.


Create a board

Create a new info board in seconds and assign a password for the infoboard.



Inform audience

Let your audience know that your info board is available and share the board's password. The free app and password is all your audience needs to subscribe to your board.

Share information

Add information or content to the board. Subscribers are instantly notified about new content and can access the content in their mobile device.



Access anytime

Users can always return to your info board, where all the shared information is stored as long as you choose.


Subscribe to demo board

Download our free app and use password:


Powerful communication platform

Everything in one place

All published content is immediately available for all subscribers. You can easily add text, pdf-s, images and links.

Unlimited boards

Create unlimited number of infoboards, which can have unlimited number of subscribers.

Instant notifications

When new content is published to the infoboard, all board subscribers receive an instant notification on their mobile device.

Supports all languages

Infoboards supports all languages, alphabets and letter systems.

Easy access

Users can subscribe to groups for free and without creating an account. All they need is the free app and boards's password.

Organised and clutter-free

Only administrator can add information. The board is always organised and free from advertisements.

Choose your plan



  • Auto generated password

  • 1 info board

  • Up to 5 files

  • 1 admin user


€ 49 per year or

€ 50/year

  • Password of your choice

  • 1 info board

  • Up to 500 files

  • 1 admin user

  • Logo integration


€ 199 per year or

€ 200/year

  • 10 passwords of your choice

  • 10 info boards

  • Up to 500 files per board

  • Up to 4 admin users

  • 10 logo integration

Create your first info board now!

Sign up for free and publish your first board in seconds.

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